Benefits of Using Transcription Services Online

While audio files are easy to create and distribute, they aren’t always the most efficient format to work with. Audio to text transcriptions are a growing trend, as they give you both an audio file and a text file. Using an audio to text transcription service can help you gather specific facts from recordings that are otherwise difficult to find. Here are a few benefits of using audio to text transcription services. These services are reliable, fast, and secure.

We used this agency to transcribe content

Several services offer fast turnaround and reasonable pricing. Temi, for example, offers automated transcription for $0.25 per minute. Another popular service is Rev. Rev’s transcription service promises 99 percent accuracy and can turn projects around in 12 hours. GoTranscript is another service that boasts legal-level accuracy and an instant ordering system. Both Temi and Rev have low prices and guarantee privacy. Whether you need a transcription for a business presentation, a conference call, or a family vacation, there’s a service online to fit your needs.

While choosing a transcription service, look for one that allows you to upload files, has an editable interface, and offers additional features. Beware of extra charges if the audio quality is poor or the recording is too long. Also, make sure the price is set and there are no hidden fees. Read the fine print, as some transcription brands may offer extra features, like identifying the speaker. And don’t forget to check whether your audio files are completely private.

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