What is the Hawaiian Haze?

Hawaiian Haze Effects are primarily uplifting. Hawaiian Haze is a sativa high-potency marijuana strain which produces some very high quality, highly potent sativa effects. This unique combination of Hawaiian and Haze genes, these super-hazed, airy buds are sure to get your mind blowing. There are many different varieties of Hawaiian Haze but all produce a high similar effect – more clarity, more grounding, more uplift, etc. Some are less potent than others but all produce a noticeable difference in terms of overall effect.

The Floral Flower Hawaiian Haze

Many people think that Hawaiian Haze has a coconut scent but this is purely a misconception. The real characteristic scent of the strain is that of a sweet tropical fruit aroma – like a cross between an orange and a pineapple. The main island ingredient which gives this distinctive smell to the final product, is known as “Hibiscus flower”. Hibiscus flower is a citrus fruit that comes from the flower petals of the Hibiscusfruit tree native to the islands (and eventually found their way into much of the world’s cuisine). While the actual smell of the Hawaiian haze may be slightly monotonous, if you really like the aroma and the flavor of the high, you’ll find it memorable enough that you can’t ignore it.

There are many other distinctive characteristics of the Hawaiian haze, including the strong grass and wood aroma which fill your nostrils with the fragrance of freshly ground hemp seeds (often used for curing and smoking). However the most notable feature of Hawaiian Haze are the highly scented trichomes which float on top of the beautiful floral and fruit aroma. Trichomes are the dark greasy parts at the bottom of a flower. These are harvested off the flower, cleaned and prepared for consumption. If you’ve ever smelled a pungent mixture of lemons, limes, cacti and coconut, you have all experienced the unique flavor of trichomes.