Houseboat Hire – Enjoy Your Holiday at Home

Houseboats South Australia are the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing holiday at any of the beautiful places in Australia’s South Island. The region offers some of the best beaches in Australia, making it a popular tourist destination. South Australia is also home to a large number of World Heritage listed islands. There are some amazing houseboats available for rental in this region. You can choose from a wide range of houseboats including traditional waterfront houseboats with facilities such as Jacuzzi baths and indoor pools, campervan houseboats that are usually fully equipped for overnight accommodation, luxurious floating home houseboats that offer magnificent views of the ocean, ski boats, fishing boats, paddle boats, rowing boats and many more options.


Houseboating in Australia is becoming very popular and there are a number of houseboat hire agencies throughout the region. If you are interested in houseboat hire in Australia, finding the right houseboat for your trip is very important. Most houseboats are large enough to accommodate up to 12 people but there are smaller houseboats that can be used for smaller groups. It is always advisable to get several quotes before deciding on which houseboat to rent. It is also recommended that you check out the amenities that are available on the different houseboats available for hire in this region.


A wide range of houseboats for hire are available from a number of houseboat hire agencies. These houseboats are generally available on a daily rental basis. Some houseboat rentals may come with facilities such as air conditioning or heated swimming pools. Some houseboats may provide satellite television, DVD players, kitchen facilities and other similar amenities. It is up to you to decide which amenities you would like to have on your houseboat.

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