Premium Home Automation Brands


Premium Home Automation Brands

Design Centerbest design center Charlotte is a contemporary home automation and design center whose mission is to provide high quality and cutting-edge technology, education, and community involvement to its subscribers. This is one of the premium home automation brands in the United States, and has locations in Charlotte, North Carolina and Raleigh, NC. The Premium Home Automation selections include the iControl Room Digital Appliance, the iControl Room Thermostat, the iControl Master Thermostat, the iControl EZ Detail Pro Thermostat, and the iControl Smart Connects Digital Appliance. These are some of the features of this product. They also offer installation and design services.


The company has three automation hubs located in Charlotte, NC; it offers four hundred smart home products. These are not just mere sensors and switches, but they are complete systems that integrate with the latest technologies and work together to provide the most complete and technologically advanced home entertainment and safety system for your home. In addition, the Design Center Charlotte has developed an interactive website that is full of information, reviews, and demonstrations. This provides a portal through which customers can register, submit questions, and receive newsletters. Design Center also offers free consultations to its clients so that they can determine the appropriate system that will meet their specific needs and preferences.


The company is committed to providing premium products and services to their clients. The company has over seventy-five employees, of which twenty-four are technical experts. The design experts have over one hundred years industry experience, and the automation system designers have over two hundred years industry experience. With their extensive experience and research in home automation, they are able to provide the customer with a wide array of options, each with a vast variety of technologically advanced components. If you are interested in finding the best system for your home, you should consider signing up for a subscription with Design Center Charlotte.

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