What Does a Pool Inspector Do?

pool inspectors

Pool inspectors are responsible for seeing to it that a swimming pool is kept in proper working condition at all times. There are different levels of inspections that can be done by pool inspectors. The first level involves checking on the chemicals. This level of inspection will check on the amount of chlorine and other chemicals that need to be added to a pool. Other inspections include inspecting the filters and testing the filtration system itself.

Different Levels of Inspections Pool Inspector

A pool inspection also includes many other factors. Before you have a pool inspected, always ask your local inspectors what is involved in the inspection of your pool. Usually, pool inspectors check fences and latches, to ensure they are working correctly so no one accidentally slips into the pool while trying to swim. They also check the pH level of your water to make sure it is balanced and does not have any unpleasant odors that could cause someone to fall into the pool while under its influence.

inspectors also inspect drains, lines, plumbing and drainage to see if they have any cracks in them that could allow a child to fall into the pool and become injured. Checking the seal of bathtubs, toilets, and sinks is also part of an inspection. Cracks in bathtubs and sinks are usually a sign of leaks which can be very dangerous. Pipes and drainpipes that are clogged with calcium deposits are also common problems that inspectors look for, especially those that are located near the pool equipment such as the filter and pump.

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